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Nearest Surroundings

Surroundings in Antalya and Kaleiçi:


Kesik Minarett - broken Minarett (Kesik Minare), about 100 m from the Hotel

1467 Sultan Korkut built a mosque with a minaret on the ruins of the by the Byzantines in the 5th century

edified Basilica Panigia . In case of fire in 1896, the mosque was destroyed and a part of the minaret broke

off. In modern times, the minaret therefore is called 'Kesik Minare', which translated means 'broken







Karaalioğlu Park (Karaalioğlu Parkı), about 100 m from the Hotel

The seaside city park is located south of the old town (Kaleiçi). There are several 'tea gardens', in which you

can also enjoy, apart from tea and coffee, small hot meals and ice. Benches, from which you have a

wonderful view of the sea and the mountains, invite you to linger. For children there are several playgrounds.






Hıdırlık Turm (Hıdırlık Kulesi), about 100 m from the Hotel

Originally based on the Roman period, the 14 meters high Hidirlik Tower stands in the west of the seaside

city park (Karaalioğlu Parkı). It was probably used as a lighthouse.






Hadrians Tor (Hadrian Kapısı), about 500 m from the Hotel

The Hadrian Gate, the only historic admittance to the old town with its Corinthian columns, was built in

honor of the Emperor Hadrian in 130 AD. It is the entrance to a different world, far away from the city noise.






Yivli Minarett, Antalyas Wahrzeichen (Yivli Minare), about 500 m from the Hotel

The Yivli Minaret was probably built in 1226/1227 and now is the landmark of Antalya. That 'grooved'

Minaret is 45 m high and was built of red bricks in column form. It stands on a square stone foundation,

next to a mosque, which was built by Sultan Alaadin on the ruins of a Byzantine Church in 1230.






Uhrturm (Saat Kulesi), about 450 m from the Hotel

The 25 m-high clock tower was originally one of two watchtowers of the north city gate. The tower is square

and on each side - high up - a large clock is attached.






Antalya Archeological Museum (Antalya Müze), about 5 km from the Hotel

On the occasion of the twinning between Antalya and the German city of Nuremberg Antalya1997 received

trams (Tramvay) as a gift. As a pendulum line the vehicles drive from the city center towards the west and

after 5 kilometers arrives the last stop. There lies the archaeological museum and below that stop point is

the Konyaaltı beach (Konyaaltı Plaj).