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The appelation „Kaleiçi“ for Antalyas pictorially old town means „inside the citadel“. The old town was built

about 30 m above the sea.


During a walk through the old town you may find lots of history - for example - parts of the city wall. The

Hadrian Gate, the only historic admittance to the old town with its Corinthian columns, was built in honor

of the Emperor Hadrian in 130 AD. It is the entrance to a different world, far away from the city noise.


In the pictorially lanes you can see the osmanic houses with its overhanging upper floors and the wooden

grilles in front of the windows, which are typical for the old town. Many of the houses have the countryspecifical

courtyards, which are often created with traditionally coloured pebbles. Orange-trees,

lemontrees, flowers as well as palmtrees diffuse mediterranean flair. In the last years many of the -

sometimes - half degenerated houses were affectionately restored.


Restaurants and cafes invite you to abidance. The lanes to the small city-beach - Mermeli Plaj - as well to

the harbour have many souvenir shops. At the harbour you can see the tourist boats, which are

predominantly made of wood. With that boats you may - for example - take a trip to the sur-rounding

islands. Recently there is the possibility for a 45 minutes lasting speed boat trip from the old town marina to